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    We Offer Complete Food Packaging Solutions

    we provide a comprehensive solution for food packaging needs.

    Customized Solution to meet your Need

    we provide personalized and customized packaging solutions to meet customers' specific needs.

    Delivering High Quality Products

    Excellence in Every Package

    Since 1997

    Welcome to Maa Pet: Pioneers in Innovative Packaging

    Quality, Precision and Reliability are the factors that ensure MaaPet is constantly selected as a one source supplier by major manufacturers. Our corporate Objectives and Competitive Advantages ensure your satisfaction. Our organization serves as an extension to your own business.

    The Brands We Serve

    Maa Pet is a pioneer in innovative packaging technology. We offer Crystal Clear Polypropylene Cups for varoius packaging applications. Due to PP's hot filling properties, packing of juices and flavoured milk is now possible. Features like high clarity, cost efficient, tough, flexible, rigid, chemical resistant, heat resistant, odourless, non-toxic and eco-friendly with hot filling properties makes PP products from us, an ideal packaging alternative over other plastic materials. With "Excellent Products for Market, Reasonable Price for Companions, Honest Services for Customers", we believe that it is our vision and mission to provide innovative products with best service and prices that are as competitive as possible to enhance our clients' business, and we sincerely look forward to forming friendly relations with companies internationally based on mutual benefits for future business success.

    We cater to a wide range of products across multiple industries and to best showcase , please review our client list below.

    Embracing Sustainable Practices at Maapet

    At Maapet, we are committed to minimizing waste and advocating for the sustainable utilization of resources to establish a closed-loop system. The principles of the circular economy are deeply ingrained in our corporate philosophy, and we consistently practice responsible business conduct.

    Material sent to a landfill with no further use or recycling


    Decreased energy usage over the past two years


    Portion of our products are recycled

    Polypropylene (PP): The Ultimate Packaging Solution

    Premium Quality Polypropylene Products

    Delivering premium Polypropylene (PP) food containers. We prioritize quality and safety, using premium raw materials. Our eco-friendly solutions meet stringent industry standards for quality and hygiene, ensuring transparency and adaptability in every product.

    Cutting-Edge Technology and Environmental Responsibility

    Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Maa Pet leads the industry, prioritizing environmental preservation alongside quality. Our operations evolve for sustainability, adapting to environmental shifts while delivering high-quality work.

    Global Reach and Competitive Pricing

    We offer cost-effective solutions to a global clientele, catering to diverse packaging needs. Regardless of your location, we're ready to provide competitive quotes. Our commitment to quality service transcends borders, ensuring reliability worldwide

    Focus on Quality, Precision, and Reliability

    We prioritize quality, precision, and reliability, earning trust as a preferred supplier for major manufacturers. Committed to exceeding expectations, Maa Pet employs Total Quality Management (TQM) and upholds high standards across all facets of our operations.

    Crafting a Range of EVOH-Based Products for Food

    Superior Barrier Performance
    EVOH is renowned for its outstanding barrier properties, particularly in the prevention of oxygen and moisture transmission. This makes it a material of choice for packaging solutions where product freshness and shelf life preservation are paramount.
    Food Packaging Excellence
    In the food industry, EVOH is extensively used to create packaging films and containers. It acts as a robust shield, guarding against spoilage, maintaining taste and nutritional value, and minimizing food waste. EVOH ensures that packaged goods remain at their peak for longer periods.
    Sustainable Packaging Innovations
    As environmental concerns grow, manufacturers are increasingly exploring sustainable EVOH-based solutions. Recycling and waste reduction initiatives are being developed to address EVOH's recycling challenges.

    Why Us

    Our Strengths
    • Reliability

      The voice of our customers reflects the reliability that we consistently achieve. Our commitment to Quality, on time delivery and quick responsiveness is a reflected by the number of major customers that consistently select Maa Pet as a one source supplier.

    • Managerial Capability

      Our management team consists of energetic people well trained in management skills and extensive managerial experience. They manage teamwork to meet their goals efficiently. Authority and responsibility are clearly defined in all functions.

    • Profitability

      Profitability is maintained by the beneficial use of resources. Utilization of men, machines and materials directly affect increases in productivity. We are able to consistently reduce production costs and simultaneously maintain a low defect rate.

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    Our Mission

    World’s leading industrial based supply chain management companies.

    Maa Pet, supplying the world with high quality packaging products. Wherever you are, whatever your needs, contact Maa Pet for a competitive quotation. As a world class organization, we continuously generate and supply high quality products for the benefit of humanity, utilizing the latest technologies and always being aware of and reacting to environmental changes

    Established in India, now comprising of more units provides quality work. Quality Assurance throughout all our operations and constantly applying TQM. With a management team consisting of energetic people well trained in managerial skills and having extensive experience we are transforming visions and ideas into action.

    174x174 (12 Pcs Laddu) Evoh & Milky

    Dia 80-100ml Cup With Cap Transparent 1

    174x174x32mm Tray(MT-035) With Cap 1

    MT-007 Ribbs Frozen


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    Maa Pet, a Pioneering Manufacturer of Polypropylene and EVOH Items Including Trays, Cups, Glasses, and Food Containers.

    The ISO 9001 & JAZZ-ANZ Certified Company.
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